<aside> 💡 What’s all this for?

These are the companion resources for the DYF Accountability Buddy Finder tool.

The DYF Accountability Buddy Finder tool matches you with a buddy to give you the one-on-one “chase you down accountability” needed to help you reach your goals.

Access is included free for all DYF Accelerator & University members 😍 or you can purchase access as a standalone product here.


🫤 When to use these scripts

Sometimes things don’t work out. Such is life. 🤷

The awkward part is communicating that they’re not working out.

In the case of accountability buddies, it can be difficult to find a perfect fit where it feels like an equal value exchange.

(That’s why it’s so important to leverage a tool that helps you pre-filter to find people with a similar experience level & path — [cough], like the DYF Accountability Buddy Finder, [cough cough].)

But alas, even with pre-filtering and exploratory calls, sometimes it doesn’t work out.

Use the scripts below to make the breakup message easier to write and less awkward. 🙂

😳 What to do if these scripts are used on YOU

I have Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, and I could see a world where an accountability buddy breaking up with me triggers a shame spiral.

But try not to let it!

Remember that the breakup isn’t indicative of some problem with you — it’s just your buddy saying that it doesn’t feel like the right fit for them.

Most likely you’re a perfectly awesome person, and they just need some specific thing from you that you couldn’t provide without compromising your own path, which we don’t want.

So remember…

There are plenty of other “accountability fish in the sea” and by getting a buddy who’s a better fit for you, you open yourself up to the “accountability buddy partnership of your dreams.”

(That reads like I lifted it from some “coping with a divorce” pamphlet, I know)

✌️ Breakup script