<aside> 💡 What’s all this for?

These are the companion resources for the DYF Accountability Buddy Finder tool.

The DYF Accountability Buddy Finder tool matches you with a buddy to give you the one-on-one “chase you down accountability” needed to help you reach your goals.

Access is included free for all DYF Accelerator & University members 😍 or you can purchase access as a standalone product here.


Goal of the Initial Call

Ultimately, we want to see if there’s good fundamental fit and good “vibe fit.” By now you’ve hopefully done your initial pre-filtering and it’s time to simply get to know this person better.

🧠 MINDSET — How to approach the call:

🎯 CALL GOALS — What to aim to leave the call with:

Ideally you’d leave the call having assessed your compatibility in these areas…

Initial Call SOP

<aside> ⚠️ Note: these are just ideas — feel free to keep/cut/add whatever you like!